June 2017

Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive surgery

When you think of plastic surgery the first thing that comes to mind is beauty. The many procedures we have come to know such as breast augmentation, gastric balloons, tummy tucks and nose surgery are all associated with perfecting the body image, something we have become familiar with through the help of celebrity culture and popular media. It is not an incorrect first impression and this is the sort of procedure that we witness most often, but plastic surgery is a thing of many uses and applications. In this article we take a look at how plastic surgery has been put to use in the directly medical fields. When it comes to accidents and injuries there are many other procedures that can be performed to remedy the scars and aesthetic damages of trauma, as we shall see.



The field of practice we are talking about is more specifically called reconstructive surgery by the plastic surgeons that practice it. It deals uniquely with restoring parts of the body to how they used to look or making them appear normal, rather than altering them from a functioning and natural state. In recent years there have been some fascinating instances of reconstructive procedure that really prove the power and ability of plastic surgery in our age. For example, people born with debilitating bodily defects like cleft lip, webbed fingers or exaggerated birthmarks can now find options to have them restored whereas before they would never have been treatable. The real achievements however lie in the area of treating accidents.



Thanks to developments in plastic surgery and the increasing standards for surgeons imposed by the many regulating bodies across Europe and the USA, victims of burns, blunt force trauma and car accidents are turning to plastic surgery. Evening the tone of the skin and even its texture has enabled victims to decrease as far as possible the lasting effects of their trauma, often allowing them to live a more normal life in society than before. Skin grafts and tissue growth have given surgeons new resources to approach new issues and update the way that things were done in the past, and the same goes for cosmetic surgery, too. The two go hand in hand when we see how fast the developments are coming on and that procedures of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and reaching more people than ever before across the world.