May 2019

Plastic Surgery: What’s Hot in 2019?

One only needs to look to the latest edition of their national newspaper to find reports on celebrities who have had plastic surgery updates to their look. Quite simply, cosmetic surgery is everywhere in the media, and perhaps this has gotten us used to it’s presence. However in 2019 it seems that plastic surgery has also become the norm outside of newspapers and in the lives of ordinary people. How did this happen? Firstly, plastic surgery has become a lot more affordable and more widely available thanks to competitive private clinics that continue to open up. Furthermore, plastic surgery has gone global due to the medical tourism industry, which aims to create affordable and quality procedures outside of Western Europe and the USA. So, if plastic surgery is a more viable option for more and more people, what are people into this year? In this article we take look at some recent trends sure to make their way to a clinic near you.



It’s no secret that guys go for plastic surgery too these days, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It seems that in recent months a trend in this area has been around creating muscular appearances without the workout/gym approach. The abdominal area has received particular attention from surgeons, and recent progress from the University of Miami has shown that this area can be sculpted to form a six-pack style abdominal area using liposuction. Liposuction has been popular for years as a method of removing fat, and recent developments in technology have allowed new possibilities with this procedure. Essentially the procedure is the same, focussing on removing deposits of fat through a tube, but adds the process of etching lines to create a chiselled look once removed.



As for the girls, there is no single procedure we can identify but rather a whole approach to plastic surgery. Giving birth is notoriously taxing on the body, and many women worry about their appearances after having a baby. The cosmetic surgery response to this has been the mommy makeover – a full set of procedures that aims to ‘refresh’ the body after childbirth. What you want done as part of this makeover can vary – but popular examples include breast augmentation (to rejuvenate after breastfeeding), liposuction or other sculpting procedure (to remove excess skin after pregnancy) and botox (to fix wrinkles caused by stress). Other patients have opted to have lip fillers and injectables too, to create a full makeover effect.


Aside from procedures and options, we can also say that medical tourism is truly a hot option in 2019. As suggested earlier, clinics can now be found all over the world, and the medical tourism industry is only expected to keep growing. Competitive rates from central Europe (such as Czech Republic) are quickly rivalling the high costs of the UK and USA whilst maintaining the same standard of quality. So whether it’s skipping the gym for a muscular makeover, or getting a refresh after childbirth, it’s quite likely that patients of either will be grabbing a holiday alongside their procedure.