July 2018

Quick fix or long term plan?

Know this before you fight signs of facial ageing.

The long standing phrase ‘face the day’ has more meaning to it than we take for granted. Quite literally, our faces are the things that will greet the challenges of the day, whether they are pleasant or arduous. It seems obvious that this is where signs of ageing will make their first appearances, and it translates that people focus on the face when fighting off wrinkles. It seems that people will go to all kinds of lengths to fight ageing, and plastic surgery travel is one of these new measures. Plastic surgery overseas has increased dramatically in the struggle to find affordable, effective anti-ageing solutions. What are the other options? What do cosmetic tourism packages have to offer against other choices? Let’s take a look.



The first option people will turn to, regardless of whether they later choose medical tourism, is off-the-shelf care products. Facial creams, toners, oils and washes are amongst the most popular cosmetic products in the world, and it is almost impossible to go a day without being advertised one. Whilst people invariably have their favourites, doctors have been sceptical about their effects. Most agree that collagen is important to help relieve signs of ageing, but the over effectiveness of the creams is disputed. This seems to be due to the split between academic medical scientists and industry laboratories, which both operate to different standards and goals.


The usual procedure for this kind of facial care is to wash with a gentle cleanser, add toner, and then moisturise. At night you will wash again before bedtime but add an overnight cream to ensure your skin is enriched whilst you sleep. Many have committed to this way of doing things – but others have chosen faster options like face lift. Whilst doctors have also been sceptical about the lasting effects of a facelift, the science is easier to track as it is reported, registered and tracked so frequently. Likewise patients report success and satisfaction faster than they do with other methods.



When you add in plastic surgery tourism, you get a whole different experience. Surgery holidays require a different kind of dedication, which involves travel to a location of your choice, and a period of recovery at your whim. Many feel the chance to have a holiday at the same time aids the recovery time, and that setting aside the time for such a procedure is the least stressful method. As plastic surgery travel continues to boom, the most successful method may well combine both options. Long term care is a great part of any healthy lifestyle, but options such as medical tourism can give you a clear head start.