October 2018

Things to Remember for your Plastic Surgery Recovery

So you've had your plastic surgery procedure, made it through the operating room and now you're back home waiting to show the world your beauty breakthrough. The time before you make your debut is time you need to spend recovering, and how this recovery goes is crucial to optimising the result of your surgery. In this brief list of facts we cover the recovery essentials relevant to a range of plastic surgery procedures.

Take Time off Work

If you know when your procedure is, book time off in advance with your boss to make sure it is set in stone. Don't be afraid to book a bit more time than usual, so that you have room for unexpected events or for a slower recovery than expected. Doctors recommend anything from 1-2 weeks of time off work depending on your job and the procedures you have had. Our advice? Play it safe, and take more time off. 

Make use of Massage and Compress Techniques

Surgeries recommend specific techniques that can ease swelling and pain after surgery, specifically massage and compress(1). Massage can ease the muscles and release tension, but you will want to avoid the direct area that was operated on. Massage is of course also a generally relaxing procedure. Cold compress (a cold wet towel, cold water bottle, or ice pack wrapped in towel) can do wonders to reduce redness and swelling when applied to the problem area.

Stay Interested and Happy

Many people go on medical tourism trips for their procedure, something that involves a trip to a destination and a surgery at the same time. Some time is booked after surgery for holiday style relaxation. Destinations such as Prague, Czech Republic have become popular due to the beautiful sites and competitive surgery prices available. If you fancy an adventure, this could be for you.



Skip the Workout but Stay Mobile

Doctors recommend skipping rigorous exercise for up to 8 weeks if your procedure was particularly intense (2), as raising the blood pressure is not advised during recovery, and exercise could impede the area that was operated on. However that doesnt mean you should become a couch potato. Go for walks, do light stretches and keep yourself moving to a comfortable level that stops you feeling static.

Use Compression garments if necessary

A vast number of procedures can require you to wear a compression garment (clothing that applies pressure to a specific area) in order to speed up muscle recovery. If you had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, face lift or liposuction it is likely your doctor will recommend you a compression garment. Stick with it, and always ask your doctor for advice regarding which garment to choose.

Supplements might complement your recovery

Widely available supplements such as Zinc, Arnica cream, B Complex and more could help speed up your healing process. Often these supplements are harmless and complementary to your health, originating in ancient herbal practises such as Ayurveda(3). Remember to consult your doctor before taking them, and consider your current diet before adding in something new.



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