July 2021

Wanting a Minimally Invasive Facelift?

The traditional facelift requires at least a week off work and, in many cases, yields lasting results only with the addition of an eyelid lift, rhinoplasty on the nose, fat transfers or facial implants. Patients that are willing to undergo these procedures will of course see fantastic results and look 20 years younger, but not everyone needs such extensive sculpting or want to undergo an invasive procedure. If this sounds about right, a minimal access cranial suspension lift (MACS) may catch your attention.


What happens to our faces as we age?

It’s well known that collagen and acids within our skin keep cells hydrated and elastic but that years of laughing, sun exposure, gravity and cell aging alter the histological characteristics of that collagen and increase oxidant levels in the skin. Facial muscles become tense, skin droops and the fat pads holding up areas of our cheeks also flatten and redistribute in precarious ways. Even our facial bones change slightly. Yikes! What if your prized bone structure and perky cheeks have always been special assets that define you? The great news is that many facelift options exist to help retain what makes you so unique: liquid facelifts, brow lifts, s-lifts, neck-lifts, MACS lifts and many more.[1][2][3]




Is a MACS lift right for me?

Fat volumes shift and tend to accumulate in lower sections of their pockets, which is one cause of that triangular fold at the corners of the mouth we so commonly refer to as laugh lines. We expect some areas to puff out and grow more convex while other areas seem to deflate. In older patients with obviously deflated areas of supporting fat pockets, that loss in volume causes the skin to sag without its primary structure in the cheeks to keep it full and lifted. A MACS lift would likely not suit a patient in this scenario because more work may need to be done to bring back structure to the face, however, it can be a suitable option if you are still fairly young (40s and 50s) or you need minimal recovery time.[4][5]


If I want a MACS facelift, what should I expect?

Facelift surgeons make an incision into your hairline and around the tragus downwards to the bottom earlobe. Because this incision remains small and won’t likely extend behind the ear, blood supply to the skin stays strong, thereby limiting the chances of cell death (necrosis) and shortening the overall time needed for recovery. The procedure generally involves:

In most cases, this procedure requires only a small section of skin removal and a couple hours to complete the operation, but every case is unique and our clinic wants you to leave satisfied. Submit photos for a free evaluation and complete a short questionnaire for us to evaluate your needs. Take a look at our reasonable prices and learn more about us today.[6][7]





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