March 2021

What Is A Facelift?

The medical term is rhytidectomy and it refers to the cosmetic surgical procedure undertaken to produce a more youthful facial appearance. Loose, hanging skin around the jawline is tightened, deep creases around the nose and mouth are removed, and loose skin and fat beneath the chin are snipped away. A facelift may also be carried out in tandem with procedures to enhance the forehead, cheeks, brows and eyelids.   


Cosmetic face surgery is usually an outpatient procedure involving a local or general anaesthetic and sedatives. It generally takes from two to five hours and most people return home on the same day. 


The typical facelift operation involves lifting the skin of the face and tightening the underlying tissues and muscle. Fat in the face and neck may be reshaped, removed and redistributed. Facial skin is then rearranged over the new contours of the face, excess skin is removed and the incision is sealed by stitching or staples.  




Depending on the patient’s preferences and the particular technique being used by the surgeon there are three main types of incision: 



All incisions are generally covered with bandages to minimise swelling and bruising; a small tube may be inserted under the skin behind the ear to drain off any excess blood or fluid. 


Is A Facelift Worth It?

The results of a facelift can’t be guaranteed and you might need to have a further procedure to get exactly the result you’re looking for, and it must be borne in mind that results aren’t permanent, as the ageing process continues. But with a good, accredited cosmetic surgeon the more youthful look which is achieved can be expected to last for up to ten years.  There’s also no doubt, that, as most people who’ve undergone the procedure report, self-confidence is increased, which often leads to social, and business success. 


The Financial Cost of A Facelift

The average cost of a facelift in the US is $12,125 (1). Cosmetic surgery costs are not usually covered by insurance, though the price quoted does include surgical fees, operating room costs, anaesthesia and medications.

In Europe, as with most cosmetic procedures, the cost of a facelift tends to be considerably cheaper. The average total price is currently between $4,000 and $6,450 (2), though one should always check exactly which extra costs the price includes at individual clinics.

The total cost of facial surgery should also include travel costs, as many people travel abroad, particularly to Europe, and especially to the Czech Republic, for quality, cost-effective procedures.




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