February 2019

What Plastic Surgery is Trending in 2019?

Is plastic surgery on your 2019 to-do list? If so, then you’re not alone. The interest and availability of cosmetic surgery is set to grow yet again this year as technologies and markets soar to levels we couldn’t have predicted at the start of the 2000s. So whether you’re wanting to shake up your look, iron out some creases, or just see what’s on offer, this is the article for you. We scanned the scene to aggregate some of the most exciting things that 2019 can offer, and may be on the cards with your next visit to the surgeon. So, what’s new…?

Injectables and ‘quick fix’ surgeries will rise

Injectable procedures are popular for a good reason. They are quick, relatively painless, and produce fast results – just what every customer is asking for on the plastic surgery market.  Plastic surgeons have seen more and more customers demanding ‘minimally invasive surgeries’ that meet just these guidelines, and injectables are just one of them. A top example would be the filler injection – used to smooth and hide lines of ageing on the face. Whilst their results are not always permanent, and may need topping up, they remain hugely popular.

Breast augmentations are going high-tech

Professor Sforza, quoted in the Daily Mail (UK), has commented on recent advances in breast augmentation that are sure to set the standard high for new customers. She describes the Hybrid Surgery procedure, which combines implant, fat transfer, and reshaping. According to her account, taking the benefits of all three procedures and combing them helps to make the whole thing less risky, more natural looking, and faster healing. What’s not to like?



Medical Tourism will keep booming

Over the last few years we have seen a gradual expansion in the medical tourism industry – in which customers seek plastic surgery outside of traditional Western clinics. It’s not surprising to hear that this trend will continue to grow as more and more countries open their doors to customers of medical tourism. It was expected that this could grow by 25% a year in the USA alone. In Europe, Prague, Czech Republic has seen considerable numbers grow, too. From 2014, nearly a fifth of all cosmetic surgery customers were foreign. 5 years later, Czech clinics are expanding to reach more customers from further reaches, with the same quality of service.

Men are opening up to plastic surgery

According to an important report (the RealSelf Aesthetics Insight Report, 2018) that was issued last September, men are getting into plastic surgery in new ways. Previously, men were interested mostly in ‘brotox’ – anti ageing injectables for male skin. Figures show that they are branching out, and that in 2019 we can expect more and more men to be opting for breast reduction procedures and perhaps tummy tuck procedures, too. An interesting question might be, are gym memberships increasing or decreasing alongside this?



This brief run down is just the tip of the iceberg – plastic surgery is set to grow in directions that we cannot predict right at this moment. We aim to stay on top of the progress, and bring tips to you before anyone else. If these tips have inspired you, please remember to ask your doctor before agreeing to go for cosmetic surgery, and always choose accredited surgeons.