May 2020

Why a Tummy Tuck is the Perfect Procedure Post Weight Loss

The ever-popular tummy tuck is increasingly in demand for those who have recently undergone substantial weight loss. Known medically as abdominoplasty, the procedure removes excess skin around the abdomen and strengthens the abdominal muscles, resulting in a more taut, svelte figure. It even ensures that your belly button sits right on your new figure. Any tummy tuck scars fade with time, making it a perfect choice for those desiring the right shape to go with their new, smaller size.[1]


Global Popularity

While the obesity epidemic means that more people than ever before are overweight, new and effective methods of reducing body weight means that more people than ever before are also shedding vast amounts of fat. The business of weight loss is not a small one. Those who are successful in losing weight, however, often find that they are still malcontent with the appearance of their stomach, in particular. The excess skin that remains after weight loss is less than desirable. This is what motivates people to look at surgery as their answer. Abdominoplasty is thus one of the most sought after plastic surgeries and is driving up the global cosmetic surgery market.[2]

One famous weight-loss blogger regards her surgery as the final and essential in the journey to feeling normal. Stephanie Sykes lost a total of almost 200 pounds, but it was surgery that finally allowed her to be happy with her body.[3]

Abdominoplasty prices make the procedure unattainable for many in their home country. Those who travel for the surgery, however, find the costs of going abroad far more affordable. At Medical Travel, airport transport, overnight stays at the clinic, and postoperative care are all included in the price.


Tummy Tuck - perfect procedure


Promoting Long-term Weight Loss

Research into the lasting consequences of a tummy tuck also shows that it can be an important factor in sustaining weight loss over a longer period of time. Many who lose weight find that the hardest battle lies in maintaining their new, lower BMI. Evidence suggests that opting for surgery improves the chances of keeping weight off. In a study of twenty women who underwent abdominoplasty, fourteen had sustained continued weight-loss in the year post-surgery.[4] Three quarters of women in the study found that their procedure increased the feeling of fullness after eating, reducing their cravings to overeat during the day.


The tummy tuck has long been a top choice among those wishing to feel better about their bodies. Since tummy tuck results are not only immediate, in that it tightens and smooths the skin, but long-lasting, in that it results in a sustained weight loss, it is a worthy investment for those who have undergone substantial weight loss.



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