June 2018

Windows the Soul… And Your Age?

The Popularity of Eye Treatment


First impressions are everything, especially in an age when networking is key to success and there are so many ways to ensure your appearance is on top form. The recent wave of plastic surgery customers who are willing to travel for procedures has been a telling truth in this fact, and the figures can tell us a lot about what people value most when it comes to appearances. In this article we take a look at the first place that more and more people are going to when it comes to fighting age. Although we might be used to hearing about tummy tucks, fat transfers and breast implants, it turns out that the eyes are the first port of call for many in our generation.



Although plastic surgery is the main topic of discussion here, it is true that the popularity of eye treatment extends beyond the surgery. Medical tourism is another level of action for a lot of people, who prefer to try home treatments first. Taking a quick look at your local pharmacy or drug store will reveal just how far this can go; eye creams, gels and firming solutions populate shelves nationwide. An important factor seems to be that treating your eyes is part of a daily ritual, something that makes people feel good before they get out of the house to face the day.

These products, however, are not all they seem, and doctors disagree on how effective they really are. In many cases, the best upkeep you can have is through good health. Avoiding oily foods, dairy and too much sugar is one of the recommendations put forward to care for your skin, including your eye area. Another that is more specific for the eyes is getting enough sleep and avoiding stress; the two things that may directly impact the appearance of your eye area.



Medical tourism packages and plastic surgery holidays are at the other end of the spectrum. Customers are jetting off to Prague and other parts of Europe to seek quality treatment, some even going as far as India, Mexico and Singapore. It seems that in other parts of the world, such as Korea, eye surgery is already one of the most popular procedures available. With the ease of travel now available, it is no surprise that the procedure has only become more popular.

Recent figures suggest that eye surgery is the first choice for many customers, but how do you feel? Consumer research still has to reach further to give us a full image of the area, products and procedures alone cannot tell the whole story. We hope that information only becomes more readily available so that the story can keep being unravelled.