March 2019

Worried about Plastic Surgery Safety? Here’s our Top Safety Tips

More and more people the world over are getting plastic surgery – and this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, we might point out that more treatments are available than ever before, meaning that there are more options for the customer. Secondly, as an industry it continues to grow, meaning that certain services get more affordable under competition (the medical tourism trend might be a good example of this). With numbers rising more people are wondering and asking, how safe is plastic surgery? What should I look out for when I’m shopping for a procedure?

It’s a good question. This year in South Florida, investigators looked into potential dangers associated with procedures like the ‘Butt Lift’ surgery, and the general practice of clinics, which caused some concern in the media. One of their main concerns was the idea of the ‘factory clinic’ – a clinic which undertakes as many procedures per day as possible. They claimed that the number of surgeries they performed made it less likely that they would take care in their work. In the worst cases, clinics changed their names to avoid a bad reputation over customer safety. Maybe even more worrying is that doctors were found without proper licences or approved practice certificates, or even proper training. With stories like this coming from one of the capitals of plastic surgery, no wonder consumers are scared!



So, what can we do to protect ourselves when shopping for plastic surgery? Florida gives us a lot to learn from.


Know the history of your clinic

How new is the clinic you are working with? Check when they were established, and find the names of the key surgeons who work there. You should be able to easily find information about the clinic, and if its not clear then you should ask for this information very specifically. Longer established clinics are more likely to provide satisfaction and safety, which brings us to the next point

Check customer reviews

It’s simple. Look online for customers who have been to the same clinic and read their review. You should also be able to ask the surgeons working at the clinic for testimonies of clients, so that you can make a stronger correlation.


Get recommendations

If you know someone who has had the procedure you’re looking for, get a recommendation. This can cut a lot of the searching process and give you a sense of safety through a trusted friend.

West isn’t always best

Clinics in the UK and USA are not always the best, despite the Western association. Look into medical tourism and plastic surgery holidays, which often serve up good deals with trusted names behind them. The best option for you might not be around the corner, but across the sea.

Remember to consult your doctor first before deciding on any procedure and get specific medical advice tailored for you. We hope this little guide is helpful in making your decisions.