April 2018

Your Mini Guide to Plastic Surgery Tourism

The results are in, and according to newspapers, data analysts and consumer statistics medical tourism is truly on the rise. The number of people who are willing to take holidays and receive cosmetic surgery at the same time has leapt since an awareness of the global cosmetic surgery market has grown. The Czech Republic, for example, has seen hundreds more tourists who arrive for surgery but stay for the city sites. Think you might be interested in the cosmetic surgery holiday packages? Want to try the combination that is claiming value and enjoyment at the same time? In this short article I will walk you through the top factors to remember when booking.



It is no secret that prices are one of the key factors in booking a plastic surgery holiday. Most customers are eager to save money, and the prices of procedures will catch the eye first in most cases. Many offers will present themselves to you, for example in Mexico average nose surgery comes in at around $3,000 - 3,600, where as in Prague you may find a deal for 1,500 – 2,100 Euros. Frankly it depends on your requirements, and once you have chosen your price range it is a good idea to compare customer reviews, who often report on the quality of the service they achieved in certain countries. Remember that every deal needs context, and that research is your responsibility.


Quality of surgery can also be investigated by checking that the reputation of your doctor. Each clinic website should provide a list of staff, or at least the name of a chief surgeon. With these names at your fingertips you should be able to find a track record for their work on customer forums, medical journals and other review sites. They may even post a Curriculum Vitae, which can assure you of a good education and history of practice.  Take these facts alongside your previous findings when looking at price.



Finally, there is the holiday aspect. Plastic surgery travel packages involve more than just surgery, but a great deal of sightseeing too if you fancy it. Many customers in Czech Republic flock to Prague to behold the rich historical city. However if you are in Mexico you may wish to combine your trip with a tour of ancient historical monuments, or simply a taste of the local culture. This is the most relaxing part of the booking, and can be decided according to your own taste.


It should be clear that the whole process is very mixed, requiring common sense, good research skills and a keen eye for detail – and finally a willingness to explore your own tastes. I hope this guide points you in the right direction on your plastic surgery tourism experience.