November 2021

How to Stay Full Longer and Drop Weight

Making lifestyle changes and preserving those key elements that compose a whole diet are sustainable choices when pursuing weight loss. In due time, you will notice that all the small changes you have adopted, no matter how miniscule, will have led to a sustainable weight in the long run.


Myths you need to erase from your memory

Unfortunately, fad diets and quick body-altering tactics have skewed our understanding of body fat, digestion and even weight gain itself. In order to move on, imagine a great big red “x” next to any thoughts you have had in the past that might hold you back. Generally, remember these busted myths:

Focus on these foods and habits to keep your mind on track

It would be hard to find somebody that liked the feeling of hunger and even Gandhi once said “there are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”. If you want to stay sharp, keep alert and avoid nagging feelings of hunger, here are a couple of pro tips.

Maybe cooking doesn’t come easy for you yet and that’s a major set back to your weight loss program. Plenty of companies have formed because they know it sometimes takes a team and greater support system to shed weight, and that’s where meal plans come into play. Hello Fresh may work for you because their meals kits are available to those in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia, plus they focus on teaching you how to cook as well. Fantastic! Buenísima.


Change the way you approach food for the better

One of the largest takeaways you can utilize as you pursue weight loss is to be mindful of your food combinations. A carbohydrate may have less than half the calories fat contains, however, fatty toppings paired with those carbs won’t help you reach your weight loss goals. In addition, some people may choose to abstain from carbohydrates largely based on leptin resistance, which causes the body to feel hungry and tired even when you are consistently consuming food as usual. So, keep track of what makes you feel awake, energized, and what’s feeding your soul as well as body.



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