April 2014

Land of the Fat


I've been walking around the streets in Prague quite often lately and I couldn't help but notice the people get fatter and fatter here. I always thought that obesity was mostly an American problem – I'm sure everyone knows that common stereotypes of Americans eating nothing but chicken wings in fast food restaurants and driving their SUV cars even to the nearest bin when they need to take out their trash. But I guess this is not only the US thing anymore – people seem to tend to gain their weight drastically even in Europe. And quite frankly, Prague is still nothing compared to London, when it comes to amount of the obese in the streets. Guess the fish and chips diet has taken a little too much on you guys?You know, I'm not talking about beer bellies – which seem to be very common thing in Prague – but about the severe obesity. The disease. Beer guts can only make you an object of witty comments among your friends, and much to my surprise, chicks may even find them sexy.

Obesity on the other hand is the real deal. It can, in fact, very efficiently kill you.

I don't want to repeat everything you have probably read a ten thousand times before, and I'm not also very keen on statistics, which can be found anywhere – I'm sure you are all aware of the dangers that are waiting just behind your next cup of Coke.  Diabetis. Cardiovascular diseases. Heart attack. Stroke. Words like „musculoskeletal disorder“ and „osteoarthritis“ sound like names of some weird death metal bands, but it practically means the fatter you are, the more your bones are likely not to endure the pressure and break down. You may also not be aware of the fact that women' obesity causes also gyneacological problems and can endanger pregancy. And experts warn that it is the good ole Great Britain, which is slowly becoming the „land of the fat“.

There's too many diets to look up: you cannot probably Google them all if you searched for years. All of them claiming to be working miraculously. All the books with actresses, actors, singers and other celebrities, who lost ALL their body fat just overnight. To be honest with you, I don't really believe any of this stuff.

I'm not saying the diets DON'T work in general: of course some of them do. But they can also be pretty risky, and sometimes as dangerous as the thing they are supposed to fight. As far as the celebs' pictures go – I'm pretty sure the real miracle is called Photoshop, not a diet. But when you really want to do something with your weight, it's always better to put your life (and your fat, for that matter) to the hands of professionals.

I know some of the obese claim that their disease is genetical – and some of them may be right – but most of them just eat way too friggin' much. I know it's very hard not to eat when you are just hungry all the time. It's like an addiction. And there's a very efficient way how to fight it.

Gastric baloon or gastric band for example: the thing you have put into your stomach (laparoscopically of course, no need to cut you all open) and you just don't feel need to eat that much anymore. So this is the call for you, my United Kingdom friends: COME TO PRAGUE! All of these procedures can be found and performed right here http://www.medicaltravelczech.com/en/obesity-treatment/ : you can find all the procedures and their thorough description, so I'm not going to repeat myself here, just click. You may also find that here in Prague it is not that expensive – and the level of doctor's professionality and caring is just beyond your thoughts. Not to mention you don't need to care about anything – flights, accomodation, all of this is professionally scheduled for you. And the beauty of Prague, the historical and cultural centre of the whole Europe, if not the whole world – is the sweetest icing on the cake.

Do not hesitate, folks. Le's shake off your fat right away in Prague.