September 2014

Which Bariatric Surgery Should You be Considering?

Deciding on a weight loss procedure is a question of which would be the most effective for your personal goals and needs, given the state of your health and medical history. 

There are many factors to consider and, in all cases, a drastic change in eating habits will be necessary. Here we’ll look at three of the most popular options and what factors Dr. Svoboda of the ISCARE Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Prague considers when determining with a patient which procedure is best for them.


Gastric Bypass

Dr. Svoboda suggests gastic bypass for patients who have diabetes or other obesity-induced health problems, slow metabolism and limited mobility. Bypass surgery is the most effective, but also more risky compared to other procedures. The time you can expect to recover is 2-3 weeks, and in some cases up to 6 weeks. If you suffer from severe heartburn, this operation will prevent acid from going up the esophagus. Because this surgery partially impairs the body’s ability to absorb food, it can also put you at risk for nutritional deficiencies. You’ll have to be careful with your diet and take supplements like calcium and iron.


Gastric Sleeve

This procedure is newer than the bypass procedure, and requires about the same recovery time as for a bypass. Because it is a newer method, the long-term data about future implications isn’t available. It is recommended for patients who have kindney stone problems, as bypass surgery can exaggerate the issue. On the flip side, it isn’t recommended for patients who have severe heart burn. It doesn’t impair the body’s ability to absorb food, making it less-likely that you will have nutritional deficiencies, but also likely that you will not lose as much weight as with the bypass. Because this operation is key-hole, it is good for patients who have had previous abdominal surgery.

Gastric Band

The gastric band is attractive to some as it is reversible and is not nearly as invasive as other procedures. The recovery time expected is only a day or so. However weight loss with the band is unpredictable and drastic changes in diet will be necessary to see better results. It also requires regular visits to a doctor to adjust the band for the entire duration that you have it. This procedure is good for people who want the lowest-risk solution and don’t need to lose as much weight as quickly as with the sleeve or bypass. However it should also be noted that 10-20% of patients will need another surgery in their lifetime, which is much higher than for the other types of procedures.

It is good to consider your long-term as well as your short-term goals when making a decision about which bariatric surgery is right for you.