October 2017

3 Things you should NEVER forget when choosing your IVF treatment

These days more and more women are choosing IVF treatment, and as demand increases the choices expand too. Clinics have popped up all over the world in the creation of a global market for IVF treatment, giving customers the option to step outside their own countries and choose IVF abroad. So if the time has never been better for IVF choices, how should one go about choosing? Are we looking for the cheapest IVF in Europe? Or something more? In this article I take a look at some of the options.



As you might have guessed, money is a large factor in choosing IVF clinics abroad. Countries in Europe such as the Czech Republic have been able to offer some of the cheapest IVF clinics abroad, including GYNEM Prague who have established a reputation on customer service. Neighbouring countries have been quick to follow by offering competitive rates compared to those in the West, which can sometimes be more than double the cost of what you get abroad. I recommend comparing the prices with your hometown to find the best plan available against your budget.


The second factor in choosing is reputation and service. Whilst the price might be right, it is important to make sure that you are still getting your money’s worth. Cheap IVF in Europe can be tempting on price alone, but what doctors will you be working with? Make sure you have had contact with you doctors directly, and found genuine, unbiased reviews of the clinic you choose. You may wish to ask for references from your doctor and ask to speak with them. Asking for the most successful IVF clinic in Europe, rather than just the cheapest, might bring you better results in the long run.



Finally, why not make sure that the place you are going to is a place you will want to stay? Part of the bonus of seeking IVF abroad is that you get to holiday at the same time, and if you are having IVF treatment in Europe it is likely you will stay for the duration of your procedure. If history is your think, you might choose a Prague fertility centre, a city rich with stories from the past. If sunshine and hot weather takes your fancy you may look for places renowned for these things, too.


So there are several things to keep in mind when you are choosing, and it is my belief that these three things should be at the forefront of any IVF treatment choice. If you take the time to balance them out in your decision, a successful treatment and relaxing time will surely come your way.