April 2018

Advice from IVF Patients: De-Stress Yourself!

Where do you get your information about IVF from? Taking a look at search engine results, it is likely that you will be directed straight to a clinic page or to a news media outlet. If you dig a little deeper, you will soon find yourself reading the writings of IVF patients themselves. Of course one must get their facts from the doctors, and their statistics have to be measured against others – but what a patient can tell you might just change your whole IVF experience. Sperm donation and egg donation have become immensely popular, and we now find IVF clinics abroad offering the some of the cheapest IVF in Europe. Therefore it is crucial to make sure you have a good selection of accounts that can improve your experience and your choice.



It is no secret that IVF is a stressful and emotional thing for a lot of women. The reasons for getting IVF in the first place may be an emotional issue for couples, and the procedure can touch on sensitive aspects of one’s life. It is no surprise that many patients recommend getting anti-stress therapies alongside IVF treatment. Your body is about to go through something, so why not ease your mind in the meantime? Some of the anti-stress therapies that are recommended include massage, meditation and light exercise like yoga. Massage addresses the body directly, and could help to ease your tensed muscles and pressure points. Some report that meditation can actually relax the body too, just by putting the mind in a resting place. Finally yoga has been tipped to improve your overall health and your state of mind, depending on the school you choose to study with.



There is of course another factor that can de-stress any IVF treatment: knowing that you have the right price. Some patients pay in the thousands for IVF and claim that a price cannot be put on it. However with the expansion of the global market, IVF abroad can provide cheap IVF treatment compared to that of Western countries. IVF cost can be kept down if you choose to go to other countries, and this has proven to be a stress relieving factor for many people. If you know you can get quality treatment for a fraction of the Western price, why worry about finances? Another weight off your mind. It seems that there are many ways to combat the stress of IVF, and to get it right requires a balance of the mind, body… and finances.