December 2020

What is egg donation process and what to expect?

What is egg donation process?

Among various types of becoming a donor, egg donation may seem to be one of the most complex and yet overwhelming processes. Donating eggs can be described as one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions for fertile woman to take. Numerous couples struggle with having children, so the egg donation procedure is impossible to undervalue for them... The process itself defines fertile woman donating her egg(s) to another woman with the aim to help her conceive. Currently, egg donation is specified as the part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). 

The process typically involves a qualified doctor that removes an egg or eggs from the donor. Afterwards – egg(s) should be fertilized in a laboratory, so then the resulting embryos would be transferred into the recipient’s uterus. Medical staff carries on this procedure do this using an implantation procedure (IVF). In some cases, the laboratory specialists may decide to freeze some or all of the embryos for their later use or implantation in different women. It is important to add that egg donation frequently benefits those women, who cannot use their own eggs for various reasons - including ovarian failure, avoiding congenital anomalies in the fetus, or advanced age.


Egg Donor Requirements

In order of better understanding of the process of egg donation - it is essential to see some of the following minimal requirements towards potential egg donors: 

Prior to the beginning of donor egg cycle, it is highly recommended for all the egg donors to discuss any potential risks and side effects of egg donation with their fertility physician(s). Therefore, when talking about choosing professional medics in Prague - such as Medical Travel Czech team - should be considered for egg donation process.


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Potential Risks and Effects of Egg Donation

According to collected data, there can be several side risks and/or side effects associated with different stages of the procedure of providing donor eggs, such as the following ones:

After the Procedure of Egg Donation

Talking about possible outcomes of egg donating – they widely vary, depending on the individual health conditions of each donor. Thus, some women might find that they would need several days of rest for recovering from the transvaginal ovarian aspiration. By the same talking - others might be returning to their habitual activities the next day. Moreover, the egg donation process can have a psychological impact, and some of the women may find it very helpful to work with psychotherapist after the medical procedure.



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