October 2019

The Dad look of 2019 might surprise you

The Mommy Makeover has a rival. If you’ve never heard of that before, it is essentially a set of cosmetic surgery procedures aimed at women who have just gone through childbirth and want their bodies back under control. It has been hugely successful, and is now offered by clinics all over the world – but what about the guys? Meet the Daddy Do Over, a competitor to the Mommy Makeover that aims to give new fathers a similar treatment, bringing their bellies back in without the gym membership. So what’s the big deal, and what does it involve?

First off we need to note that men are becoming more body conscious. The ‘dad bod’ was once a fashionable way of embracing your body post-35 years of age, when fat distribution naturally shifts for both genders. It seems that men are fighting back by trying to look ‘better than they did at 30’, as one New York patient states. To be precise, since 2000 there has been a 29% increase in male patients. So if dads are normally rounded and slumped, what can the daddy do-over offer?



Like the mommy makeover, this is a set of procedures that are variable according to the patient but often offered as part of a package. Body contouring is a large part of this – specifically liposuction of the chest, flanks and abdomen. This isn’t surprising, as it’s where fat is normally found for men of parenting age. The other aspects are more surprising, focusing on facial cosmetic procedures. Botox and fillers are massively successful in male plastic surgery, which around 600,000 non-invasive procedures undertaken on men over the last two years. It goes further – eyelid surgery is reported to be the no.2 most popular surgery with men, and often comes in the daddy do over package.

Patients reported to Newsmax and the NY Post that they wanted to fight the appearance of tiredness that gets worse with age – so it’s not surprising that filler procedures and eyelid surgeries were popular in this respect. Currently the daddy do over is being discussed mostly in the USA, but many of these procedures are the norm in clinics all over the world. Medical tourism allows cosmetic surgery customers to go on holiday whilst they get cosmetic treatment, and plastic surgery clinics all over the world are no stranger to such procedures.



It seems only a matter of time before the trend of the daddy do over reaches clinics outside the USA, where all these procedures are already well established. Prague, Czech Republic is one such location that has seen a boom in plastic surgery holidays, and enjoys a reputation in cosmetic surgery through to today. Will dads of the world catch up with NYC? We can only wait and see.