November 2021

How much is eyelid surgery?

In the UK, eyelid surgery - or blepharoplasty as it’s technically known - can cost up to £6,000. [1]. On top of this, you may have to pay consultation costs as well as any fees involved with follow-up care and medicines that may be needed. In some parts of Europe, however, blepharoplasty can be significantly more cost-effective.


What is eyelid surgery?


Eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery operation carried out by a plastic surgeon to correct disfigurations and deformities of the eyelids, as well as modifying the eyelids for aesthetic reasons.

Blepharoplasty typically involves the removal of excess skin, fat and muscle around the eyelid. [2] Did you know that as you age, your muscles weaken causing your eyelids to stretch. Because of this it’s common for excess fat to develop around the eyelids causing drooping lids, sagging eyebrows and bags to appear underneath your eyes.

As well as making you look older, sagging eyelids can reduce your field of vision, impacting your eyesight. Eyelid surgery can help reduce these vision problems as well as making your eyes appear more vibrant and youthful.



eyelid surgery



How does eyelid surgery work?


Carried out at a dedicated cosmetic surgery clinic, your surgeon will discuss your requirements with you prior to carrying out any work. It’s important that you make your surgeon aware of your medical history as this may have an impact on the type of treatment you can receive. It’s especially important to mention any previous or ongoing instances of high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes and eye complications. [3]

Eyelid surgery can be carried out under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. The procedure begins with a cut being made between your upper eyelid and the lashes of the lower lid. These cuts extended to the corner of your eyes where crow’s feet typically form and are used to remove excess fat and skin as well as sagging muscles.

After surgery, your cuts will be stitched up by your surgeon and temporary sticky straps will be applied to support your eye during recovery.

An upper blepharoplasty typically takes one hour to complete. Surgery on the lower lid may take up to two hours, with the vast majority of patients released from the clinic the same day.


How do I recover from eyelid surgery?


The recovery time from eyelid surgery is relatively short. You can expect bruising, swelling and redness around the eyes to last for around 48 hours - you can use a cold compress such as a sponge or wet flannel to reduce any pain you may experience during this time. [4]

For most patients, we recommended taking approximately one week off work to recover from a blepharoplasty operation and avoiding driving or operating heavy machinery whilst you recover. In addition, you can take some basic steps to ensure a speedy recovery, including:


During your recovery, you should avoid undertaking any strenuous activity, including staying away from sports that involve coming into contact with water such as swimming. You should also refrain from smoking as this may irritate the eyes and, if you’re a hayfever sufferer, make sure to stay away from pollen during the recovery phase.