March 2018

In Medical Tourism Surgery in Style? Top Tips for Travel and More

It would be hard to avoid the fact that these days holidays are evolving. A quick google search, or even a peek into your local newspaper, is likely to have a mention of the practice that has only been getting more popular for at least a decade now. More and more people are taking medical tourism seriously, factoring in a plastic surgery procedure into their time abroad. Westerners in particular have been taken in by the low prices and promise of a holiday, and there are now many agencies existing that arrange these specific types of holiday. Sounds like you’re interested? Want to know how to make the most of your plastic surgery travel? In this article we make surgery holidays simple, and look at the basics of how to enjoy them.



For the full package you must have a procedure ready to choose – most clinics offer eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, breast implants and fat transfer. You will be able to find many more and ask questions according to the clinic you are using. Choosing a clinic is closely linked to choosing a travel destination, as this will determine your choices. Some of the most popular destinations for medical tourism packages are quite telling of customers’ choices. Mexico, Turkey and South America have all recently been featured. For those not wishing to travel long distance, Prague, Poland and other European states are also very popular.


It is advisable to check the ratings of your clinic and to compare reviews online for international medical tourism. A number of review sites are easy to find when searching for the name of your chosen clinic. Want to start thinking about the holiday? There is one more step: work out how long your recovery will be after surgery. Depending on the procedure, you will need to accommodate your recovery time into the holiday.



If you have had a relatively simple procedure which is not affected by exercise, you have many options available. When by the coast, many tourists choose to go boating or even surfing if they are the sporty type. Of course being by the sea also offers the option of simply sunbathing. Cosmetic surgery medical tourism in European cities, such as Prague, offers a more relaxed, familiar environment. Here you might browse some of the renowned local stores and cafes on offer, or take a historical tour of the old city center.


You may need to take it easy after surgery, so make sure your hotel is a place you like to be in at least for a day or two. We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you a plan for your next medical tourism excursion.