January 2018

Plastic Surgery on Holiday: Could This Be Your Dream Combination?

When you think about your ideal holiday, you might be imagining a tropical island like Jamaica, or perhaps a bustling metropolis like New York City. It is pretty safe to assume that most people have not factored in the idea of having cosmetic procedures done whilst on a holiday in one of these locations; indeed the idea may seem quite foreign. However, it may be to your surprise that such a combination not only functions efficiently, but that it has been rising in popularity for many years now. In this article I take a look at the phenomenon of medical tourism, specifically focusing on plastic surgery tourism, in which people travel the world in search of low prices and great holiday experiences.



Popular tabloid the Daily Mail reported in 2014 that British people are some of the most frequent flyers when it comes to plastic surgery tourism, and other media outlets and examined the growing numbers of tourists in Korea and Mexico that specifically seek plastic surgery procedures. Search engines also reflect the growing desire for travel plastic surgery, with terms such as ‘cosmetic tourism packages’ now trending on information feeds. It seems clear enough that a contemporary phenomenon has emerged, but how did it arise? And what are the benefits of plastic surgery tourism?


The whole process of booking cosmetic surgery travel packages is completely different, and for most people it is the price that dictates the location. The attractive prices for gastric balloons, eyelid surgery and facelifts offered by the Czech Republic, Turkey and other countries often make sure that the tourism follows in nearby cities or locations. Thankfully, the sites are not hard to choose from, with amazing places to be seen in Europe, South America and Asia alongside an affordable surgery.



If prices came first, then a lust for travel comes close in second. A jet set generation with affordable flights at their fingertips have naturally come to embrace the competitive world of medical tourism, which seems to effortlessly fit with the bargain hungry attitude of contemporary society. It is no surprise that tourists are willing to change their holiday experiences if it means combining two things to their benefit. Some might beg to differ, and perhaps there are more traditional tourists out there who like to keep their surgery separate from the sightseeing; but nevertheless it is clear that plastic surgery tourism is making its mark on travellers, cities and the market.