September 2018

The quick fix myth: How to take care of yourself after surgery

Our society is in love with speed and progress. Everywhere we find advertisements telling us to be more efficient, and in every industry we find that solutions are being made to speed up processes and advance at ever increasing rates. Perhaps when we speak of such things, we imagine the technology sector, which has created many jobs worldwide since the birth of social media. However in this article, I would like to address plastic surgery and its role in our obsession with speed. As I hope to illustrate, some of the popular thoughts about plastic surgery, medical tourism and other issues, strongly correlate with these trends in our contemporary society. Importantly, I will point out some ways to take care of oneself after plastic surgery has occurred.



People think of plastic surgery as a quick fix: a shortcut to beauty or perfection of some part of the body. This is no secret, but the emergence of plastic surgery tourism and cosmetic surgery travel packages has brought the field into new ground. Prices have increasingly been made lower by the aspect of travel, now bringing customers as far as India and Mexico to seek low prices. In central Europe, in areas such as the Czech Republic, people are also finding affordable care that is closer to home. Whilst travel inevitably takes longer, it means that because the price is lower, one is better able to take care of finances at the same time. As plastic surgery has always been thought of as expensive, this has come at a huge relief to many westerners seeking cosmetic procedures.


However, the quick fix does not end after the holiday, or even after the procedure. It is vitally important that patients take care of the effect of their procedure. A key element is relaxation, which should always come first. Plastic surgery package deals often include a period of rest and recovery in a location that is appealing and relaxing, so customers often start on this positive note. The next step is to make sure that you are following as the doctor instructs during recovery. You may be asked to apply restorative creams, keep bandages, or change dressings once you arrive home after the cosmetic surgery holiday.



One thing that stops people from fully realising the potential of their plastic surgery procedure is that they want to see the results instantly. Plastic surgery definitely gives some quick answers to aesthetic issues, but without vigilance one could affect just how far these answers go. Don’t be afraid to speak up with different doctors after your procedure if you want a second opinion, and remember that any procedure is a commitment to your body.