April 2020

Gastric Balloon Surgery: A Weight off the Body & Mind

Since 1975, global obesity has almost tripled.[1] So many of us desire to lose weight, but there is no simple solution when left to our own devices. The myriad causes of obesity are not even fully understood, despite our awareness of obesity’s dangers. Diet regimen and lifestyle changes often fail those with underlying issues such as diabetes and hypertension. 

As a rapid weight-loss operation that promises results, bariatric surgery has been a popular option for over half a decade. Over 250,000 people undergo surgeries of this kind every year in the United States alone.[2] And its success in combating obesity is undisputed. This difference not only alters physical wellbeing, it also allows those struggling with being overweight to claim a new lease on life.

Research shows that patients who have undergone the gastric balloon procedure have an up to 40% reduction in mortality levels.[3]


What does Gastric Balloon surgery entail?

The average surgery lasts only half an hour and is relatively simple. Although this is a surgery The surgeon inserts a thin tube, with the deflated balloon attached, down your throat to your stomach. The balloon is then safely filled with saline.[4]

At Medical Travel in Prague, there are two bariatric surgery types: the balloon that remains in your stomach for six months, and the one that remains for twelve. An adjustment, if necessary, is also free of charge. Although in some practices a patient leaves after a few hours, our price includes a night at the clinic and postoperative care. Patients with a BMI (body mass index) of 27 and above are accepted.


Gastric balloon - weight loss surgery


Immediate Effects

You will immediately experience a reduction in the quantity of food you can eat before feeling full. The typical weight loss in the first six months is 15%, however, some patients report losing up to 30% of their excess weight.[5]

The patients who achieve the best results are those who commit to a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Following a nutrition plan maximizes weight loss and is the most efficient way to regain health. At Medical Travel, we offer a six-month programme with a customized plan and Skype sessions with certified professionals.

Although the improvement in your appearance will be distinct, perhaps more important is the improvement to your health. The risk of diabetes, joint issues, and heart-related issues - all of the dangers that come along with obesity - falls. A weight off the body is also a weight off the mind.